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Why Altai?
The majestic Altai Republic in the center of Eurasia is widely known as Earth's umbilicus. Huge cosmic energy flows into the Earth at this place. Altai has been legendary throughout history - beautiful, remote, wild, and life-changing.

IT'S ALL AT RISK, as a million oblivious tourists, settlers, and land developers grab land where every leaf and stone is sacred. Learn about Altai, what is there, and why it is globally important ... more

BRING THE HEALING RESONANCE OF ALTAI into your own community and support the Altai people to protect the sacred lands by gifting yourself and others with visionary art reproductions that re-create the Altai resonance wherever they are. ... more

What is Altai Mir University?
Wisdom is MUCH more than just education - it's wholeness, universal awareness, and active engagement. So we are a "university" within that deeply grounded sense of the word. Our activist field-programs protect the Source as they leverage the Altai energy to awaken wisdom globally ... more

Why do YOU matter?
You ARE the new Earth, no matter who or where you are. The cosmic energy flows through Altai for you and to you. Your every thought and action ripple out like the waves made by pebbles dropped into a pond. Our mission is to foster the awakening of the global mind - the noosphere. We do this in the following ways and as a human, your involvement is crucial:

Altai programs for cultural sustainability
- Indigenous land registration ... more
- Mapping of sacred sites ... more
- Sustainable traditional livelihoods ... more
- Environmental stewardship ... more
- Earth-conscious curricula ... more

Global programs for "Oneness awareness"
- Art, Music, Words as healing energy ... more
- Wisdom-keepers share ... more
- Leadership exchanges ... more
- Activism for sustainability ... more

See the blog for archived Reports from the Field, with all the attached articles and reports! Previous reports and articles on events page.

Altai is more than a place –
it Is a sacred way of being

Together, we access peace by creating a global bridge between ancient wisdom and today’s world. Our activities simultaneously share the wisdom and sustain the integrity of the Altai source.









UNESCO logoMost of Altai Mir University's
programs operate under the
auspices of the UNESCO Leadership
Chair at the Siberian Academy for
Public Administration.

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