AMU to facilitate NCEEER program
for Native American researchers in Altai Republic

In 2009, Altai Mir University is working with the National Council for Eurasian and Eastern European Research (NCEEER) to organize post-doctoral research sabbaticals for two Native American academics, through a US State Department program that exists to promote expertise about the former USSR.

Researchers will be stationed at Gorno-Altaisk State University, and their work will be facilitated by AMU's network of indigenous Altai cultural activists.

The State Department program has a mandate to include ethnic minorities, so the administrators are especially interested in including Native Americans, whose cultures have remarkable similarities to Eurasian indigenous cultures.

Specifically, funding is highly likely for two Native American academics to spend one month in Altai doing research, and one month at home processing their results. Translation support would be provided for the whole two-month period. Although the research topics may range from social development to civil society building to cultural studies, the program emphasizes language learning—especially at-risk languages such as those in Altai.

Candidates submit proposals to NCEEER in winter 2009. After selection, specifics of the research proposals will be shared with hosts in Altai to facilitate optimal results. We expect that the hosting university would make optimal use of the visiting Native Americans’ expertise, through master classes, seminars, etc.

Because of class schedules and weather in the Altai Republic, such visits are optimally scheduled for either September/October or May. September 2009 would be optimal, if funding is received in time; otherwise, May 2010.