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Altai Mir University builds peace by bridging ancient wisdom with today's world, primarily through leadership exchanges, events, and projects to strengthen indigenous cultures and their value to current global affairs. We are a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

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Altai Mir University operates primarily as a bridge between the Altai Republic of Russia, and the Western Europe and North America. As a “virtual” university, we take our expertise to the participants, rather than establishing a fixed location. However, the corporation is registered in Washington State.

The people of the Altai Republic are the living stewards of an ancient wisdom that the world is in urgent need of. Altai Mir University seeks a dynamic balance that will supports the Altai people to participate fully in the global community while maintaining their sacred homeland.

  •  Explanation of current situation by Altai wisdom-keeper N.A. Shodoyev.

Altai Mir University is a catalyst for a “whole-systems” approach to development. We assume that 1) the necessary resources to accomplish any goal are contained within the formulation of that goal, and 2) the easiest way to learn is through the actual or vicarious experience. Therefore, we facilitate leadership exchanges, events and projects to strengthen indigenous cultures and their contribution to current affairs

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Altai Mir University is founded on the ideas of collaboration and sharing of excess capacity. Therefore, all interested organizations, institutions, agencies, NGOs, universities, ministries, and individuals can both benefit and contribute.

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