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Call to Action by Rudy James, Secretary-General, United Indigenous Nations

Help Us End Genocide in America!
Protect American Indian Sovereignty

Collectively we have the responsibility to stop the most horrific genocide in history, which continues to this day in America.

Together, we must now uphold justice within our own country. Many federal and international laws and treaties that are already in place, and must simply be enforced. We must educate ourselves, fund the defenders, and network globally and locally to end the on-going genocide in America.

Genocide is "a coordinated plan aimed at destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups," according to Rafael Lemkin, who coined the term in 1944. President George W. Bush has declared that he will take care of "the Indian problem" before he leaves office.

What is the "Indian problem"? According to the American Constitution and international treaties, American Indian tribes are sovereign nations, just like such countries as France and Japan. American and Canadian governments do not have jurisdiction over them. However, American Indians are the legal heirs to rich cultures, vast territories, and valuable resources that the American government continues to plunder in greed, violence, racism and ignorance. The current, covert plan to oppress American Indians with unconstitutional laws is an overt act of genocide.

What is this latest "coordinated" genocidal plan? Both the U.S. and Canada are currently passing and enforcing unconstitutional laws declaring that Native Americans are their citizens, and not sovereign nations. Specifically, the American government is abrogating treaties by trying to force American Indian tribes under the jurisdiction of the states. The Canadian government is planning a similar move. They are saying that American Indians are subject to their laws, which abolish their sovereignty, their rights, and their culture.

American Indians, as the original Indigenous people of North America, have always known that they are of Mother Earth, rather than on her.  Their ancient and ancestral stewardship of this land is one of healthy land, clean water, and pure air.  We all see the violation and destruction of our planet around us.

American Indian Nations have a legal and just recourse under international law. Experts in international law stand ready to protect the American Indians and their land and resources. “We, the People” who envision peace and justice in the world must unite across the globe to hold the U.S. and Canadian governments to their signed treaties, laws, and agreements.

  • Educate yourself and others to be a part of the collaborative creative solution.
  • Through a citizen initiative, sow justice where you live.
  • Fund the protection of our First Nations People, the American Indians, through generous contributions and networking that honors your values of humaneness.
    • $10 supports 20 minutes of typing legal briefs.
    • $35 prints flyers for community meetings.
    • $100 pays legal filing fees.
    • $1000 and more buys air tickets and per diems for volunteer lawyers.
Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.