Altai Books
Our sister-site with articles, paintings, and information about sacred Altai, especially showcasing the mystical work of Carol Hiltner. In English and Russian.

Altai Assistance Project
The goal of the Altai Assistance Project is to expose people from the Altai to functioning plans of land use which attempt to protect the environment while allowing human existence, and to provide help in putting such plans into place.

Altai Pilgrim's Pages
Brit Joanna Dobson shares unique insights into the rhythms of Altai life, having lived in indigenous Altai villages for almost a decade.

The Altai Project
The Altai Project's mission is to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the Altai - a uniquely diverse, mountainous region of southern Siberia. The goals of The Altai Project are nature conservation, promoting renewable energy and environmentally sustainable design, and supporting indigenous organizations in their efforts to restore and protect their traditional lands and lifeways.

Beloved Community
A global peace-building network that honors the re-emergence of the sacred feminine.

Foundation for the Law of Time
Jose Arguelles' Mayan calendar and "Time Is Art" website. Altai Mir University is collaborating with them and Altai activists to create one of Jose's CREST13 Meditation Centers near Mt. Belukha in Altai.

Foundation for sustainable development of Altai (FSDA)
For environmental conservation and sustainable development in the Altai Mountains.

Grassroots Altai International Alliance (GAIA)
Another Seattle-based organization supporting the Altai culture, founded by former Altai Mir University Board members Jackie Stratton and Susan Quattrociocchi.

Joanna Dobson's Pilgrim's Pages
Joanna lived for five years in the sacred Karakol Valley in the Onguday District of Altai. In her "Pilgrim's Pages" blog, she shares wonderful perspectives on the sacredness of Altai.

National Peace Foundation
Venerable American NGO working mostly in Russia and the Middle East that grew out of efforts to create a U.S. Department of Peace.

Neuro Vision Academy
Teaching the Bronnikov Method: the next step in human development.

Open Space Technology
An elegant method for convening meetings to efficiently solve complex problems.

Pacific Environment
Pacific Environment supports the efforts of our grassroots environmental partners in Altai to propose more suitable energy alternatives to the Altai Dam, to use traditional knowledge to protect sacred sites, and to defend the Ukok Plateau against the Altai Pipeline.

Planet 3000
Members of this group of world citizens live now in the new paradigm of joy. We are collaborating with them in Altai, where they have been implementing capacity-building programs for the past decade. We invite you to participate in their events.

Portal Beluha Retreat Center
This is the place in Ust-Koksa, Altai, where the originals of most of Carol Hiltner's paintings are on open exhibition. If Altai calls you, this is a wonderful, healing place to stay.

Sacred Land Film Project
A project of Earth Island Institute. Our mission is to use journalism, organizing and activism to rekindle reverence for land, increase respect for cultural diversity, stimulate dialogue about connections between nature and culture, and protect sacred lands and diverse spiritual practices.

46 Sacred Signs of Motherly Power
Look on the left for the links to the 46 breathtakingly beautiful mandalas channeled by rakuna and anomatey in Germany, as well as their other global projects.

Snow Leopard Conservancy
Promoting community-based stewardship of the endangered snow leopard, its prey and habitat.

Spirit of Ma'at E-zine
Published by Drunvalo Melchizedek, this site is an unparalleled wealth of practical, spiritual information and inspiration. We regularly contribute articles about Russia.