Peace-Mapping is a powerful new, archetypally-based model to create individual and collective strategies for peace with a diverse group.

Individually, in small groups, and as a “summit,” we develop balanced and comprehensive insights and inspiration for our continuing peace-building, and then map out our personal “critical paths.” Organizationally, we use the Open Space Technology format.

The Peace-Mapping model comes directly out of the spiritual energy of Altai, through two complementary components:
 - the Tablets of Light, guidelines for access to
   deepest life force and the power of alchemy
   (explained further below);
 - the Schematic for Adaptation of the Tablets in
   relation to peace-mapping (see graphic to right).

Peace-Mapping can be defined as graphically plotting out one’s critical path to peace. Critical Path can be defined as the sequence of actions required to reach an objective—in this case, peace.

Peace can be defined as the realization of one’s greater Self—a process of personal translation of ancient magic, deepest life force, and power of alchemy to which the Tablets of Light give us access.

The process of implementing this critical path is the Peace-Building Journey, which is implicitly a spiral.

So, the critical path would be one’s peace-building journey—a spiral course with multiple “overlays” in relation to:
      - use of the Tablets of Light (guidelines)
        within the four quadrants of the cosmos
        (as elucidated by philosopher Ken Wilber);
      - the internal process of translation;
      - physicality, emotions, and spirituality.

A four-part question emerges from this model, which can be used to ensure that all aspects of peace-building are considered: What are our “critical paths” to recognition and personal adaptation of principles of Peace, as outlined in the Tablets of Light, to each of the Four Quadrants of the Cosmos?

At the heart of this journey—in every aspect of our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives—the Tablets of Light offer guidelines for our translation of the Four Quadrants of the Cosmos; as well as recognition of Universal Principles and experiential touchstones.

Translation is the recognition of principles and experiential touchstones in our own lives, as applied to our parallel journeys in each of the four quadrants of the cosmos.

Universal Principles are those upon which our existence is built, and from which all of our religions and systems of ethics are derived. Experiential touchstones are the moments in which these univeral principles are translated into personal reality, and are no longer just intellectual abstractions.

If all these definitions seem to be going in a circle—they are. Or rather a spiral. The process must spiral because we keep circling around the same universal principles, with deeper understanding each time.

Tablets of Light offer guidelines for access to ancient magic, to deepest life force, to the power of alchemy—our tools for the process of translation. The aspect of them that relates to recognition of principles was shown to Carol Hiltner in visions and dreams, as part of her quest to Mt. Belukha in Altai. She is still on her spiral journey of finding the experiential touchstones. The Tablets are an integral part of the healing energy that flows onto the planet through the sacred Altai Mountains of Siberia. This energy flow is the source of indigenous shamanism globally.

The Tablets of Light (listed below) are one set of the Universal Principles found at the basis of every spiritual path. Although the Universal Principles at the core of any religious/spiritual path could be used for Peace-Mapping, we use these because they are derived directly out of the energy of Altai:

Please come.
This is the time you have been waiting for.
You will find it easy to do the work we have requested of you.
We are all one.
You are loved.
You are safe.
You will accomplish what you set out to do.
You will know everything you need to know, when you need to know it.
And why not you?